Receive Second Opinions from Our Lab

Obtaining a second opinion is not an uncommon decision. In fact, second opinions can be very helpful to your physician in the development of a treatment plan specifically for you.

A pathology second opinion can help you be sure that your diagnosis and disease characteristics are correct. This is very important because doctors base their treatment advice on your pathology report. If your pathology report is wrong, you might get the wrong care. Every so often it can become difficult for pathologists to give a clear-cut diagnosis. So you may get conflicting pathology reports. In this case, it is especially important to learn as much as you can about your specific diagnosis.

To get a pathology second opinion you must have your tissue slides sent to our pathologists specializing in your specific condition. You can arrange to have this done on your own and it is not necessary for you to have your doctor’s permission to have a pathology second opinion. You can also ask your physician to request one from us. All you need to do is contact our office at (813) 870-4206. We will have our expert staff instruct you or your physician on how to handle the referral.

Your doctor will receive the second opinion test results as they become available. It may take a few days to a few weeks to receive the full report and the timing will depend on the type of testing needed. You are entitled by law to receive a copy of your pathology report. However, you should expect the report to contain highly technical medical terms. It is important for you to ask your doctor to explain the pathology report results and what they mean.